Clint Brockman

Man of action and co-founder of the Brockman-Fokker Salvage Co.


Clint’s birth and childhood are well documented, as he is the last of 7 successful experiments to come out of the secret medical research facility in the mountains of southern California. He is the youngest of 7 brothers, and according to him, the brightest and best looking of the bunch.

They were raised by a family of medical droids and an older gen-human woman who called herself Delphi. She was a caring and wonderful woman who said they all had important roles to play in the world. When the children were 18, they were instructed to leave the facility and seek their destiny.

Clint has an aptitude in science and technology, and he was fortunate to have access to a great warehouse of information in the facility’s computers. It was in New Vegas that his skills and knowledge earned him a living and he began to make a name for himself. A dabber named Gerber recognized his talent with gizmos and invited him to help out in his pawn shop, The Whatchamacallit. It was from Gerber that Clint learned to harness his telekinetic powers and they soon became good friends.

A few years later, the two of them got in the middle of some gang rivalry and Gerber was murdered and the shop destroyed. Clint barely escaped with his life. He rode out of town on his trusty steed Geoffrey and vowed to someday return and put a bullet through each gang leader’s forehead.

Wandering the small towns surrounding New Vegas, he met a friendly chap named Mein D. Fokker. Fokker’s own horse had died the week before and he had no means to pull his wagon. They decided to band together and formed the Brockman-Fokker Salvage Company.

Clint is an avid reader and quite the storyteller. He admires historical figures such as Clint Eastwood, Captain America, and Captain Morgan.

Clint Brockman

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