Mutants Revenge


Another perfect day, in a perfect life. But, you feel tired, you sit down, things are getting fuzzy, blackness. Cold, vision’s coming back, discomfort. You are in a place that is strange and yet familiar. You are naked on a steel grate, covered in goo. You see other creatures lying on the floor around you and a man. He is dashingly good looking and somewhat confused seeming.
He says “Hi, I’m Clint uh…… I’m here to rescue you.”
A huge monitor comes to life on one wall. The words N.E.R.O. appear on it, then replaced by a face. The face is purplish-green, with an over sized cranium and a bulbus eye. It says “BROCKMAN! You have release my experiments! These aren’t even in the final stage!”
Clint “One, these creatures aren’t your playthings. Two, give me what I want and we can go our seperate ways, Dr. Easy.”
Dr. Easy “It matters not! This experiment will now be terminated, along with you Brockman!”
From the ceiling drops 5 shield bots. The creatures feel a sudden surge of adrenalin and experience an Alpha Flux. Clint “You’re Alpha mutants? Use your powers on these things.”
The newly born mutants, with no weapons or armor, unleash their Novice powers and Alpha powers. Easily dispatching these bots. Clint leads them from the chamber into a hallway, where sirens go off and a message that says “Experiments escaping, experiments escaping.” Trying to exit the way he entered, Clint finds the doors sealed. After trying several doors, the escapees find a dinning area. Off of that area they find; a locker room, a laundry room and a kitchen. The cockroach mutant goes to town in the kitchen, collecting trash. The others loot the locker room, for ancient junk. Meanwhile, Clint is consulting some sort of messaging device. After a few minutes he says, “There’s a way out from here, but it’s not ideal. The trash shoot is the only way.” The mutants have no better plans and continue to follow. Before entering Clint gives a warning, “Oh… Try to stay in the main path.”
Only to mutants manage to stay in the path, the rest landing in radiation pools and taking 5 radiation damage. The area they’ve landed in is a waste deposit area, heaped high on every side. The mutants and Clint regroup in the center. Clint says, “We aren’t out of this yet. Here, take these.” From his pack he pulls 5 exotic weapons (Omega Tech), for the mutants. Shortly after, 7 guard bots fly into the area from the building, they escaped from. During the battle, three of the mutants become bloodied and one falls unconscious, nearly dying. After the pitched battle ends, a bright red truck comes screaming to a stop at the top of the garbage mound. As the mutants climb up they find it’s a road way up there. The driver, a Hawkoid wearing a USA speed skater outfit says, “HeyClint,whoaretheseguys? Didyougetthedevice? Whatarethosesirens? Didyouguysblowupallthosebots?”
Clint says, “Just get us out of here Zippy, I’ll fill you in latter!” And off they sped into the night.

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